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Every successful Tech Executive Search starts with Business-Leadership Alignment. It’s something we have never compromised on.

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If the current practice of Leadership Hiring is a journey, the goals of enterprises and startups are its only milestones. Without consideration of a prospect’s aspirations, there can be a gap in expectations disrupting the same.

As a niche CTO Search firm concentrated on Tech Leadership Hiring, we have set out to eliminate this gap with a synergy between business goals and a leader’s aspirations.

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Purple Quarter Continues to be the Preferred Leadership Search Partner for BigBasket – A TATA Enterprise, Ex-Amazon Techie Appointed as Director of Engineering

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The Rise and Rise of Gaming Industry in India

Gaming in one form or another has always been a source of entertainment for the youth. India, owing to its high concentration of a youthful demographic, has emerged as a promising…

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Riding the Fintech Wave in Sea & India

FinTech is the Beluga Caviar of the financial services industry; the most prized possession if you will. While the world is chasing it, there are a few who have been acing it for years. Back in 2017…

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