Importance of Search Partners in this emerging Technology World


Hand-picked tech leaders are considered to be the key element for the success in today’s highly competitive business environment amongst the emerging technology space. If you have a vision to scale up your business & technology towards 10X, plan for global expansions, establish global partnerships, M&A, etc., hiring and retaining the best talents will become the core element for business decisions.

Consider, if you are a stakeholder or a key decision maker what would you do? Of course, one would look for a leader who is not only an exceptional tech geek but also who can understand the business dimensions. We call it as a formulation of the ‘T’, where vertically the talent has in-depth knowledge in tech and horizontally demonstrates the business facet.

That’s the reason, Bengaluru based Technology Head Search Firm, ‘Purple Quarter’, believes not only in encouraging tech leadership hires for the companies but also in consulting the stakeholders in terms of the company search strategy.  They strive for effective search process by advocating a distinctive initiative of uni-dimensional approach to find tech heads for technology companies across globe.

Organizations can internally conduct the search process for their leadership hires to reduce the cost which will be paid off to the search firms. But, one should understand that not hiring right talent or not filling the position within time will be significantly higher the cost of the search. That’s why search partners are available in the market because they are expertise at what they do and they ensure that right candidate is presented to the clients and hence resulting the candidate onboard within the specified time frame.

Further, here are the few key reasons why search partners are essential for companies to get a right talent on-board.

‘Time Value for Money’, you require a senior level talent who should be truly marvelous!

Search partners can support you by game changing hires through conducting rigorous research to hire the top performing talent. These talent are sole drivers of the firm’s vision.

Strategic search partners firstly assess the candidates by understanding the DNA of the candidate, their core values and the passion that complements the stakeholders thereby tagging along the vision of the firm, thus, resulting into a closure at a specified span of time.

Search partners can tap into a global network of contacts

“Top leadership talent in tech space is a scarce commodity”. It’s perhaps the reverse!

It’s a functional for every search partner to consult the candidates by finding right opportunities for them so that they exactly fit like a brick in the wall and that’s the reason ‘Purple Quarter’ spent first 180+ days from the inception by catering to 170 odd active/passive of imperative talent across globe and integrated the idea of their progression, mobility, motive and overall personality index.

Smooth Transition 

The transition for finding right talent for the company can be turbulent. Having a right search partners helps the organizations to reduce rough transition that could lead to a negative effect on the business.

Executive or senior level positions play a vital role in any business. After understanding the various internal and external factors of the organization to find a right talent, search partners implement effective search process that sets a firm search strategy.

However, a hasty decision can lead to choosing the wrong candidate thus leading to a difficult transition.

Strict Confidentiality

Filling up the c-level position is very crucial given fact that the organizations with such open positions are vulnerable.

A search partner will always maintain appropriate window of confidentiality for the valuable details or information collected during the search process. Such privileged information of candidates or clients protects the management against the competitors, employees, and stakeholders of organization.

“A company is a group organized to create a product or service, and it is only as good as its people and how excited they are about creating. I do want to recognize a ton of super-talented people. I just happen to be the face of the companies.”- Elon Musk, founder & CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink 

When you partner with a search firm, you know you are paying on a year consensus depending on the number of closures. However, the firm will be at a competitive advantage by making its hiring process the best.

Constant measuring and adherence to the process and tweaking will always result in optimized techniques and tactics that provides the firm what exactly they demand.

Purple Quarter always aimed at positioning the right talent to help the partners and candidates in consulting and extending support thereby guaranteeing that right decisions are modeled!