Pride, Bliss, Wisdom – Experienced in a Day!


Last week was quite a productive week for me where I  chanced upon meeting personalities ranging from CXOs, Managers, Founders, and Directors from the top startups and network with them – understand the problems they are solving and the attitude they have towards running the whole mighty scene of startups in India. If I had to name my week, it would be called “The Networking Week”, seems a little funny but that’s what it is! How did it all start?

With a vision to explore the events happening around the city, I came across Product leadership Forum which was a 2-day event with a great lineup of speakers and panelists. This caught my eye, attention, mind and every possible nerve of it – with that high enthusiasm, I went ahead to attend the event on 23rd August. 

“Fall in love with the problem, not with the solution, 

Don’t jump to the solution first, understand the problem first.”

On hearing this from the first keynote speaker Sundar Balasubramanian, Director Product Management Intuit, I was enlightened! This was stated as a Mantra (Key) to Success in any field of work. 

Followed by this was another great panel of Founders & CEOs discussing the new role of product leader in the innovation space. Now, this was an interesting topic for me as we at Purple Quarter interact with leaders across the technology and innovation space day-in and day-out. I was sure the insights from these founders shall be a peace of knowledge I can take back and share with the team! This panel consisted of Founders of Techstars, Rentomojo, Housejoy, NoBroker and Rakuten India while it was moderated by Sai Satish, Director Product Management in Oracle. 

The one thing common in each of the Founder’s perception was the use of innovation in technology – and the vital role technology plays in every sphere of our lives today! Isn’t that true? From booking a cab to reach the office to ordering our food or booking our weekend gateway or a movie- it is all powered by technology and our lives are incomplete without it! The emphasis of the whole conversation of this panel laid on the need to think outside the box to bring new innovation to the table – be customer-centric – and try to actually solve a customers problem to acquire and retain them. 

Purple Quarter

After gaining all this wisdom from this panel, another moment that left me awestruck was the Q&A round where the audience had valid questions and the panel was keen enough to answer them with clarity and patience. Oh No! That wasn’t “the awestruck moment”, it was when Bala Girisaballa answered my question with the zeal, precision, and pointers I was looking for! 

Now coming to why I called my week “The Networking Week”, the answer to that lies in the quick yet blissful conversation I had with Akhil Gupta, Founder of NoBroker. It was not about me, it was not about him, it was about the pride I felt with the recognition he gave to our organization Purple Quarter. The work I have been doing along with the marketing team in Purple Quarter has now been the responsible factor behind such dignitaries recognizing the brand as India’s leading CTO search firm. 

 By – Mayank Vyas

Content Strategist &Writer, Purple Quarter