How to Hire an Internet-Era CTO?

What do you mean by an internet-era CTO? When you hear the term, do you picture a well suited millennial technocrat or a seasoned professional heading the tech division of a company? Simply put, an internet-era CTO creates an ideal work strategy and process, to usher in and run the digital side of a business. They run existing IT systems and processes, and are constantly on the hunt for new innovations in the market; that can help boost the growth of their company. When it comes to their game plan, they have three big goals in mind:

  1. To take charge and ensure smooth processing.
  2. Create a digitally sound environment that thrives on embracing new changes.
  3. Crack the next big idea and growth strategy.

Technology skills are in high demand over the world, and what’s even better than identifying and hiring a tech genius, is recruiting one that’s a package deal. By this we mean, someone who’s a techie, leader, and great manager. So how do you find a candidate that matches this?

Know what youre looking for

You need to find a candidate who fits your requirements like a glove. They need to have an attitude and aptitude. Here are some of the qualifications that you should look out for when you start the hunt. They should have a sufficient amount of experience in scaling and creating digital services. A knowledge bank when it comes to different digital technologies and experience working with them. Words like “continuous delivery” and “DevOps” are their favorite scrabble words, which means that they are well-versed in what these terms denote and their functioning. They have worked with open source tools and communities. They even know how to market these tools. They have strong leadership skills and have even lead teams of engineers and agile, architects, and developers. Strong communicators, they probably even delivered a Ted Talk. They are regulars at tech symposiums and have connections in the tech space. They are clued in on data migration and applications from proprietary technology environments and legacy. They’ve had large scale negotiation with tech vendors and know how to build partnerships and identify profitable acquisitions. They also need to be mentors who can pass down knowledge and develop the skills of other promising minds.

Know how to tell

You may have a list of requirements, but are you equipped enough to analyze and judge them? Against which parameters will you asses the relevancy of the potential candidates’ skill sets? In order to crack this conundrum, you’ll have to have a trusted advisor by your side. They’ll help sieve through your requirements, and have a more detailed understanding of the candidates. Your advisor can also help fill in the cracks if your recruitment process is not going as well as you would have wanted. They’ll help spot out the missing pieces of the puzzle and help complete the picture.

Go where they are

The world’s a small place and you never know, you might just meet your future CTO at the same annual tech gathering that you’re at. Brilliant minds think alike and are always on the quest to learn more. So, the best way to find a gem is to go to the place where you can mine one. Symposiums, lectures, and Ted Talks for starters are great places for building connections and finding the right candidate who fits your requirements.

Dont forget to look inside

Before you look outside, maybe you should look inside, and by that, we mean your very own firm. Your CTO may very well be working for you already. In-house candidates should be the first ones that you screen when you start the search for a CTO. Seek out this talent first. Identify those employees who are steady at their job and are doing great. They are making a difference in your company in a good way. They are your in-house problem solvers and have a questioning mind. Ask managers to identify such talent. Start a mentor program and opportunities for employees to challenge themselves and grow. Ensure that employees get due credit and reward for their efforts and collaborations.

Steps to start the process

Choose the unconventional route for your company. It could be an “incremental delivery change or a radical organizational change”. Create visibility for your firm at the right places. Talk about its growth story, where it’s currently at, and your vision for its future. This is what will eventually persuade the right talent to join your firm. Get the right advisors on board. Ensure a smooth recruitment process and do-away with glitches. Let this be your bible when it comes to recruiting an internet-era CTO who can take your company to the next level.

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