Revamping Technology Leaders to Transformational Technology Leaders: Who are they?

When you learn to program a computer, you acquire a superpower: The ability to make an inanimate object to follow your command. If you have a vision and you articulate it in a code, well, you can make it real! And once you have built your small systems that perform clever tasks then, you own a competency to parlay creative power into societal power because Technologists not only just build the systems that ease the operations of everyday life but also they make “The World a much better place”. Thus, a high-paying Tech. job, working on cutting edge technologies makes them leave a Technotopian Life.

But, here is the glitch! Many Technologists are precise towards building technology & over a time it becomes increasingly hard to ignore the fact that one should not be constrained towards Technologist view of thought and language. In fact, one should learn how the quantifiable, individualistic, computational view – that accounts for contribution with the whole expanses of cognitive experience & towards Leadership.

Igniting interest and enthusiasm within the team has its challenges. Moreover, getting employees active & more focused is furthermore difficult task. Technologists must focus on becoming transformational and professionally aligned so that they can actively engage with the team by inspiring, mentoring and persevering the day-to-day constraints that ultimately result in affecting the lives through the beliefs and values of peers.

Some of the Key Elements of Transformational Leadership are as follows:

Idealized Influence

There has been always misconceptions about leadership, including a belief that it requires being a highest qualified within the department, Having an impressive title or stand at a highest grade or graduating from a best institute because great leaders like Larry Ellison or Steve Jobs, who never graduated from the college. Yet, they were insanely successful and recognised to be greatest leaders. Strong leaders are people who earn others respect by serving as role models and bringing out best in them.

Inspirational Motivation

IT Leaders are in the position to develop, encourage and inspire their team. Transformational Leaders should not be confused with “pure” fascinating leaders because they intentionally or unintentionally fail to transform their followers as they cannot recognize the one’s need & hence fail or prohibit them to develop. Whereas, transformational leaders motivate their peers to become independent self-thinkers and to develop themselves.

Intellectual Stimulation

Transformational leaders value all the experience as learning opportunities & they attempt to be part of the learning process. They promote education and structural development activities to stimulate their peers.

Individualised Consideration

Usually, self-management skill results in individualised development that correlates to self-efficacy and vision accomplishment. Transformational Leadership is all about coming up with new ideas, evolving the self and improvising those around them.

As mentioned earlier, transformational leaders always focus on specific leadership traits that affects the lives of others and appeal to people’s beliefs and values. There has always been a positive relationship between the Transformational Leadership Traits and employees’ job satisfaction and motivation.

In the ever changing environment of technology infused business, technology leadership is a remodelling subset of leadership study and practice. However, there are differences between the Traditional Technology Leadership and Transformational Technology Leadership as it varies toward the approach in various factors like skills, traits, abilities and requirements, etc. Will it become equally prevalent that the best Technologists will have strong Leadership acumen? Or would it be necessary for a Technologists to gain apprehensive experience to make an impact towards business goals as well as individual goals that positions them to be a Transformational Technology Leaders?

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