Tech Talk with Mr. Ravi Krishnaswamy

From Microsoft to Flipkart and now InMobi, its current CTO, Mr. Ravi Krishnaswamy has had quite a journey. In a candid tête-à-tête with the man himself, we got the technocrat to throw light upon the breadth of experiences he gained working across two continents, different companies, and diverse business verticals. In our candid Tech Talk series, we also got the Tech maverick to talk about the transformations taking place at InMobi and share helpful insights for aspiring CTOs.

Ravi had spent close to two decades at Microsoft, which as we are well aware of is a global technology conglomerate. Working there was all about building a large-scale system in the B2B sector. It called for intensive and extensive leadership and management capabilities. Juggling multiple verticals, private-public platforms, as a well as, a host of different operations in a partner-led model. A mean feat if you ask us. And it was made possible solely by the best of the best, which is what probably persuaded the e-commerce giant in India to bring him home to manage their enterprise. Yes, you guessed right! We’re talking about Flipkart.

In our interview, Ravi referred to Flipkart, as the “internet darling in India.” An apt title judging by the way it took the e-commerce business by storm. From a B2B industry, Ravi’s Flipkart journey commenced by handling its B2C tech domain. From cracking ideas to beat the competitors in the market, coming up with innovative approaches to rake in revenues and drive sales like Flipkart’s ultra-successful Big Billion Sale. It was a whole new world for Mr. Krishnaswamy, but one that he dominated all too well. Now bought over by Walmart, the Flipkart story took a different turn, but Ravi’s desire to explore more avenues of opportunities remained the same.

Once again, Mr. Ravi Krishnaswamy was back again in a B2B setup which brought him full circle from his days spent at Microsoft. InMobi is a global technology player in the tech market. In the span of 1 year that Ravi has been at the company, he oversaw a huge transformational shift in the very DNA of the company. He likened it to “changing the tires of the Boeing after it has taken off.” But the change was a result of intensive research, best practices, and kickass strategy. One such strategy was the partnership with Microsoft, which resulted in a big boost for InMobi, and which led to co-innovation, co-productions, co-marketing, and co-selling. A major feat for the enterprise, and a big win for Mr. Ravi Krishnaswamy. But that wasn’t all that happened. There were also strategic acquisitions like the merge with Sprint.

“A CEO cannot be successful without leveraging a CTO” these were the words that Mr. Ravi Krishnaswamy uttered with complete conviction. And judging by his accomplishments which covers a 360 perspective, we know why. A partnership between the CEO and CTO is vital for the growth and success of a firm. It’s also crucial that they are the right fit for each other and exist on the same plane when it comes to the future vision for the company. More and more CEOs these days are recruiting CTOs who can help take their company to the next level. But what’s crucial is that CTOs too should be able to scale-up to match the CEOs vision. A piece of key advice that Mr. Krishnaswamy has for aspiring CTOs is to have a “full stack perspective”. Which means not limited yourself to the tech space, but garnering insights and experience across a wide spectrum of disciplines like management, innovations, and executions.

Mr. Ravi Krishnaswamy is just one example of visionaries that we have helped place. For us, at Purple Quarter, being a value fit for the firm is extremely important. Extensive research, detailed investigations, and case studies are just some of the steps we follow to bring you the right candidate. When it comes to sourcing in today’s job market, you can always rely on Purple Quarter to find you a Purple Squirrel who can take your firm to the next level.

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