Will you be the NEXT CTO for the Largest Unicorn?

In this emerging technology ‘enabled’ world, innovation is a crown!

“Innovation distinguishes a leader and a follower” – Steve Jobs

20 years ago before technology cracked down as the most important domain and though the internet was connected to few old & heavy box look alike computers there were about just 10k websites as compared to today’s 45 billion+ web pages. It was the time when Amazon, Yahoo! and few were still in the beginning stages. We all probably would have laughed if someone said our life would one day be irrevocably changed and depend on companies like Google, Amazon and comfortably be at home and wait for your food to get delivered at your doorstep from companies like Swiggy, Zomato, etc.

Innovation and Technology today has made our life easier, convenient and enjoyable and one should always be thankful to those great technology leaders who brought their ideas into reality. When we say great technology leaders, immediately the names that strike to our minds include Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, etc. These individuals would have never achieved or become great leaders just by their technical skills but also by their leadership skills and visionary approach towards solving business problems and setting themselves apart from the highly competitive industry.

Whether you are in the management position or looking to make future step into this dynamic, rapidly growing field, it is really important to know what skills an individual or leader should inculcate to develop and transform from a good leader to the greatest leader within their respective realm.

With a huge advancement in the present technology sphere and modernized business process, a talent with the remarkable mix of business acumen and meticulous technology understanding is in high demand. With the encouragement of Behavioral Metrics for evidencing the IQ, EQ & BQ, ‘Purple Quarter’ has met more than 300 Tech heads to thoroughly perceive and arrive at competent and extensive leadership talent. Here are few key points that you can consider to grow into that role:

 Flourish Employees Competence

As Deepak Singh Ahlawat, Chief Executive Officer of Purple Quarter, affirms, “In the Technology space, IT Professionals always look forward to work with the best technology leaders before they prefer to join any organization because effective leaders always support their peers to learn and grow as team member and empower them to work towards solving business problems.”

Great Leaders always prefer to focus on business issues. They are possessed with keyboard buttons and running codes on the display. Today’s fast pace of innovation entails a leader who can wade through the technology with a focus on how it can be helpful for solving business issues? To achieve such objectives leaders always make an effort to empower valued employees by giving them opportunities to contribute their ideas and solutions, put them into practice and make them feel happy and confident.

Not just coding or doing all tech stuff but self-educating and upskilling the tech team impacts the company’s operations as well. This will always help the leaders to climb up the ladder navigating the whole team to originate into the bigger picture by showing how the hard work will leverage every single person to grow personally and ultimately achieve organizations overall success.

Influencing your actions (Walk the Talk)

Words are the powerful force of creation. They take the organization goals and put them out in front of whole world to witness. The best technology leaders always need to make their peers feel that they are very less concerned about being right rather than about doing the right thing.

Leaders always create a roadmap by manifesting the desire for accomplishing the objective, creating trust or faith within peers. The spoken word should always have certainty and quality which will be directly related to the integrity of the word.

Focus plus Productivity Leads to Result Oriented Vision

In the field of Technology, Innovation never stops! Which leads to new developments. Many companies easily get lost in the details of their daily operations. But, great leaders always envision beyond the day to day demands and set their sights on improving processes, workflows and retuning their algorithms or codes so that they can optimize the business in emergency situations.

In one word, they have a vision and no employee would like to work for a lazy boss. Most of the IT professionals would like to work within a successful team and it can only be transpired by a leader setting the right tune.

Innovate, Influence and Inspire

Vision, Communication, Innovation and Empathy are some of the principal qualities a leader needs, to successfully direct a tech organization these days. Effective technology leaders always bring innovation in, through the ground up. They always define the right technical road map as suitable for their business and set constructive internal work culture for employees so that they can grow their ideas, innovate and contribute towards the growth of the organization.

In the present corporate culture, employees are often referred to as ‘resources’, which is often dehumanized. Great leaders always get into other person shoes – think about what they feel, want and are dealing with. Only then it is possible to achieve the less or zero attrition rate by possibly making fair decisions for everyone and not resulting into mistrust or dissatisfaction.

“I think that’s the single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself” – Elon Musk

Just like the way every leader worked hard to expertise in technical skills, since it’s an ongoing process, over a time every leader will learn and tweak the effective leadership skills. One should always believe that it’s not just a ‘one man show’, Instead it’s the people surrounding you, who will help to create the culture with desire, contribute and bring value for the skill sets that you portray towards the team and leads you to transform from a good leader to a great leader.

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