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For Everheal’s Build to Scale Vision, A Creator Profile Fitment Appointed as Head of Engineering

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Everheal is a tech-first comprehensive healthcare platform for superior clinical outcomes. Founded in 2023, it aims to catalyze a shift towards personalized holistic care, addressing several significant unmet clinical needs. Everheal looks after the management of pre and post-surgical procedures across a variety of complementary modalities of care, backed by a diagnostic methodology to personalize treatment regimens and monitor results.

Everheal plans on delivering pregnancy-related informative content, community features for mental health and compliance, and consumer features. It also plans on launching an e-store specializing in physical goods and digital services, including diagnostic devices such as glucometers, blood pressure monitors, baby care products, and musculoskeletal aids.

Problem Statement 


Everheal is a young company, a technology leader with experience building products from scratch and the maturity to make early startup decisions would be an ideal fit. The organization was looking for someone who could help in developing an application for pregnancy and postpartum care, as well as other gynecological procedures. The ideal candidate would enhance the user interface and user experience to make the app more navigable, establish coordinated scheduling across multiple platforms, and ensure the app works well even with constrained internet bandwidth.

The team at Everheal sought a CTO or Head of Engineering who could take buy vs. build decisions efficiently, develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and provide technical leadership in the product management group as well as in designing and developing mission-critical distributed systems. The leader had to be comfortable rolling up their sleeves and coding as per the requirements.

Solution and Execution


As an experienced Executive Search firm focused solely on tech leadership hiring, Purple Quarter could understand the deep-seated requirements of the company. We came up with a unique strategy to identify the best match in order to find a candidate who could step into the role of a tech leader. 

Leveraging Purple Quarter’s proven IP, the Behavioural Metrics Model – BMM, Joe Dominic was found to be the most suitable for the role – a steadfast software engineer and architect with over a decade of experience in building distributed systems. 

Since the product at Everheal was in the iteration stage, they were looking for someone who had seen the 0-1x journey. Joe’s profile was identified as Brahma or the Creator profile. Joe’s experience as a senior architect and working as a techno manager to design and scale payment gateways, building services from scratch, hiring and building the current tech team, and his technical expertise in handling devops as well as backend and front end development made him the perfect choice for the role. 

His technical skills aside, Joe’s values aligned with Everheal’s values of first principles thinking, the culture of learning, mentorship, and action orientation. A calm personality, Joe got along with the founders and had the ability to systematically handle his team.

Looking Forward 


Joe Dominic has joined the team at Everheal as the Head of Engineering. With his expertise, he will be able to tackle classes of problems, look at the improvement of clinical outcomes, and ensure that relevant tech features are integrated into the app for Everheal. He will contribute to the 360-degree view of the tech ecosystem and the integration of holistic technology.


For more information, please reach out to the Marketing Team.