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Every successful Tech Executive Search Firm starts with Business-Leadership Alignment. It’s something we have never compromised on.

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If the current practice of Leadership Hiring is a journey, the goals of enterprises and startups are its only milestones. Without consideration of a prospect’s aspirations, there can be a gap in expectations disrupting the same.

As a niche Executive Search firm concentrated on Tech Leadership Hiring, we have set out to eliminate this gap with a synergy between business goals and a leader’s aspirations.

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Razorpay Trusts Purple Quarter to Onboard Ex-Amazon Techie as the CTO

Co-founded in 2014 by Harshil Mathur and Shashank Kumar, Razorpay has grown from being a payment gateway provider to a leading…

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How AR / VR is Changing the Game

In the gaming industry, change is constant as gamers are always seeking newer ways to interact, personalize, and make choices. From Pinball and Solitaire to immersive computing, we are at the cusp of a major shift.

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State of EnterpriseTech in the USA

The EnterpriseTech industry in the United States has a market value of $108.4 billion. 61.3% of all EnterpriseTech companies in the world are located in the United States…

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