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California-based Inspirit Finds the Right Fit with Ex-Microsoft Techie, Abhilash Gopal Joins as Head of Engineering

By March 24, 2023December 5th, 2023No Comments
Case Study where Abhilash Gopal joins Inspirit


Inspirit is a cutting-edge learning platform that is transforming the way science courses are taught across the globe. Utilizing virtual labs, simulations, and virtual reality, Inspirit provides educational institutions with a next-generation platform that offers a comprehensive range of immersive labs and simulations, available on both desktop and VR platforms. With classroom management tools, custom assessment integrations, group or networked lab sessions, and options for curriculum alignment, Inspirit’s platform is designed to enhance students’ learning experiences. Developed by a team of VR and education researchers from Stanford University, Inspirit’s content is designed to engage learners, stimulate high knowledge gain, and promote critical reasoning through their active involvement in virtual environments. September 2022 marked a funding of $7.2 million for the company.  

Problem Statement 

Founded in 2019, Inspirit was developed as a platform for 3D and VR STEM education that enables users to learn science interactively. Inspirit realized that the digital divide between privileged and marginalized communities threatened to limit access to this innovative approach to learning. To address this issue, Inspirit must create seamless connections between the web and VR and create a no-code solution for teachers to easily create 3D web content and convert it into a VR experience. Hence, Inspirit recognized the need for a capable Head of Engineering (HoE) who could lead a high-performing tech team.
Since they worked with UNITY, Inspirit required an experienced, full-stack, hands-on leader with a background in UNITY and the ability to build lean engineering teams. As a Seed Level company with a market in the US, the company needed an exuberant, strong tech leader who could help tide over the tech hurdles smoothly and preferably have experience in other geographies.

Solution and Execution 

Following a rigorous evaluation of potential candidates, Purple Quarter identified Abhilash Gopal as the perfect fit for the job. Abhilash’s diverse background as a former Microsoft employee, along with his experience working for companies such as Zynga, RentoMojo, and PropertyFinder in MENA, provided him with the necessary skills and experience to excel in the position. His previous work at Zynga exposed him to UNITY and gaming, while his experience at Xbox had given him valuable insights into driver support, making him an excellent cultural match for the company. Additionally, Abhilash’s desire to work for an early-stage company where he could build products and teams from scratch made him the perfect choice for Inspirit.

Looking Forward  

As Inspirit and its offerings expand, we are looking forward to Abhilash carrying the mantle. Purple Quarter is ecstatic to have accurately profiled Abhilash as a Brahma Leader or a Creator profile fit using the Behavioural Metrics Model (BMM). Given Abhilash’s robust wealth of knowledge and experience, he will be instrumental in driving the company’s growth forward.


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