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Chief Technology and Product Officer (CTPO)

In the digital age, the concept of chief technology and product officer has expanded beyond the traditional parameters of quality, service, and features, and now encompasses a comprehensive view of the product, team performance, and customer experience. To succeed in this rapidly changing landscape, product and technology teams must work closely together to fully understand the customer’s needs and create solutions that meet their wants, thoughts, and emotions.

Who is a CTPO?

A CTPO or a Chief Technology and Product Officer oversees an organization’s technological and product needs, opportunities, and challenges. Despite the role being relatively new in the business lexicon, the changing landscape of leadership positions at top companies and the increasing confluence of the technology function and the product functions are making the role of a CTPO a key member of the enterprise C-suite.

While the Chief Product Officer (CPO) was traditionally responsible for the what and why of building the product, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) was in charge of how the product was going to be built. But an emphasis on user experience requires a broader perspective than just the technical aspects of product development. A sole focus on the "how" can be limiting and can result in the creation of products that are not in line with customer needs and desires. Adopting a solution-focused approach can result in the creation of innovative and appealing products that lack practical applications. On the other hand, beginning with the problem can sometimes lead to an impasse where a feasible solution is not found. Merging the duties of the CTO and CPO into a Chief Product and Technology Officer (CPTO) provides benefits to firms striving to be more product-focused in a highly competitive market.

Traits of a CTPO

A Chief Product and Technology Officer’s position consolidates responsibilities to create a customer-first culture that prioritizes innovation and collaboration. They move away from the pitfalls of continuously building and adding features to find the perfect product-market fit and experience rapid growth. This shift helps to better understand and deliver value to customers and aims to lead the company toward an upward trajectory.

As an effective tech leader, a CPTO possesses the right interpersonal and crucial soft skills to create trust, influence their department, and motivate and foster high-performing teams. They understand the importance of aligning product strategy with delivery capabilities. A CPTO can bring greater value to a product-first organization as they have the freedom to identify and address issues more comprehensively, going beyond the scope of individual roles.

  • As a Chief Product and Technology Officer (CPTO), it’s important to have a balanced understanding of both technology and customer and product needs. The ability to effectively communicate with technology specialists is crucial.
  • With new and innovative technologies coming to the forefront and the demand for competitive products rising, CPTOs should be driven by the company vision and be experts in handling teams, and taking decisions on development and innovations. Often they are challenged to think out of the box and tackle various situations with the best strategies. CPTOs have to be highly adaptive to their ever-changing ecosystem.
  • CPTOs must understand the project-to-product transition thoroughly. By adopting a project-to-product mindset, organizations can increase their chances of making timely and relevant decisions for their customers at each stage of the product lifecycle.
  • During the product lifecycle, CPTOs must make decisions related to personnel, tools, design, new capabilities, and technical aspects collaboratively rather than in two different silos since product and technology functions can often have distinct goals and objectives. This can lead to misaligned decisions that can negatively impact the customer experience.
  • They have a vision of change which enables them to shape a sound technological strategy. While a deep understanding and expertise in their field are a given, a CPTO is also highly strategic and tactical in their mindset.
  • Despite the technical know-how, an effective tech leader must also possess strong decision-making and communication skills. They must work towards building powerful & technologically strong teams. An effective tech leader knows to leverage the core competencies of their team and oversee information relay coordination across departments including non-technical people.
  • To drive maximum productivity and output, CPTO has to lead with empathy, have the power to influence and motivate, direct and enable, and face setbacks with growth in mind.

Roles and Responsibilities

The CPTO holds the responsibility of comprehending the customer and market needs, and overseeing the complete product development process, from ideation to deployment. This encompasses conducting research, crafting design concepts, creating prototypes, and managing the software development and delivery stages.

The role of the Chief Product and Technology Officer is more flexible and nimble, allowing for quicker decision-making and smoother coordination of various demands. Their role demands them to look at tech and product from a balanced viewpoint. While the role of a CPTO overlaps with that of a CTO to a considerable extent, their skills overlap around trying to build the right product at the right time.


Apart from the what and how of building a product, a CPTO also looks at the why of the product, taking data-driven decisions based on the risks of an idea. They look at the value, usability, feasibility, and business as well as the technical viability of the innovation.


They form a single line of authority and a unified tech vision. CTPOs are responsible for developing the product and technology culture.


CTPOs are responsible for centralizing resource allocation decisions and keeping consistent upward and downward communication and reports.


The exact role of a CPTO varies depending on the company and industry they are a part of. Their duty also varies depending on the need and stage of the organization, whether it be to create from scratch and proliferate the business, or to build upon an existing system in place.

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