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From X to Z: Leadership Guide for Gen-Z Team

By November 2, 2023No Comments
Leadership guide for Gen-Z team

A Forbes study finds that Gen-Z – those born between 1997 and 2012 – have surpassed Baby Boomers in the workforce and is expected to account for almost one-third of the workforce by 2025.  

Meet Generation Z, the tech-savvy, inclusive, and entrepreneurial spirits who are poised to redefine the way we work. Leading a Gen-Z team is not just about adapting; it’s about harnessing the boundless innovation they bring to the table. In this blog, we will decode the Gen-Z work style, understand what makes them tick, and equip leaders with the tools to navigate this dynamic landscape. 

So, fasten your seatbelts as we navigate the Gen-Z highway, where innovation and inspiration converge.

Cracking the Gen-Z Code for Effective Leadership 


Growing up during the COVID crisis, recession, and social and economic downturn, Gen-Z has witnessed uncertainty first-hand. It is expected that they would prioritize salary and stability over anything else. The reality begs to differ, though! The lure of a high salary does not attract Gen Z as it did to its older generations. Driven by purpose, they are more inclined towards a meaningful role. 

Entrepreneurial Mindset 

Backed by access to digital tools, resources and a strong desire for independence, the entrepreneurial bent of mind is stronger in Gen Z. A Nielsen study asserts that about 54% of Gen Z seek to start their own company. Embracing innovation, creativity, and risk-taking, Gen Z employees are more likely to explore non-traditional career paths. 

Digital Native 

Growing up in a digital world, technology is in the DNA of Gen Z. They are adept at adopting new tools and platforms, making them indispensable in an ever-evolving business landscape. The digital native generation will compel businesses to invest in new-age technologies that make work more efficient and effective. 

Open Communication  

Gen-Zers’ upbringing corresponds with the emergence of varied social media platforms that have allowed public sharing of opinions and thoughts. Pivoting from the yesmanship culture, Gen-Zers thrive in a workplace where open communication and opinions are valued. Challenging the status quo is the norm these days; keeping this in mind, leaders should cultivate a work environment where varied ideas and opinions can flow.  

Embracing Diversity 

Raised in a connected world (thanks to the digital revolution), Gen-Zers advocate diversity, inclusivity, and equality. Naturally, they appreciate workplaces that embrace and celebrate differences, making it crucial for leaders to foster inclusive environments where all voices are heard and valued. 

With the most racially and ethnically diverse generation in history on the verge of comprising almost one-third of the workplace, it’s high time for organizations to embrace DEI beyond aesthetic representation. Accomplishing DEI goals across organizational structure, process, and culture will attract the new-age talents.


Beyond salary and job security, Gen-Zers often prioritize working for companies whose ethical values align with theirs. While a tidy mission statement was sufficient for the previous generation, Gen-Zers have a healthy dose of skepticism to evaluate how these goals are translated into action, producing tangible impact. Gen-Zers value the way companies treat their people – from suppliers to customers. 


Growing up in a gig economy left the generation questioning the value of the 9-5 workplace. Flexible work arrangements, floating holidays, and work-from-home days are becoming the basic workplace expectations of Gen-Zers who are driven by the motto — “live life first”. 

Increased connectivity, the emergence of staycations, etc. are fueling the concept of “Everywhere Workplace”. Worklife balance is being replaced with a worklife blend where employees can plug in from a coffee shop to the beach. Accommodating such a remote team demands organizations reevaluate their traditional work culture. Leaders need to be more agile to facilitate remote team collaboration. 

Growth Opportunities 

Unlike previous generations of employers who addressed diverse work demands by increasing their workforce, modern organizations can maintain lean teams by providing learning and growth opportunities. Investing in their growth and providing the scope for experimentation and innovation will offer a rewarding experience for the employees and boost the productivity of the team—a win-win for both. 

As employees evolve in their professional careers, they expect their jobs to offer opportunities for growth. From a lunch and learn session to seminars, they are on the lookout for solid mentors who can offer the right guidance.  

Gen Z workforce - statistics Wrapping Up

As leaders, embracing the unique characteristics of Generation Z can be the key to staying competitive and innovative. This generation brings fresh perspectives, a strong work ethic, and a tech-savvy mindset to the table. By adapting your leadership style to accommodate their needs and aspirations, you can create a dynamic, high-performing Gen-Z team ready to tackle the challenges of the modern business world. Embrace the future, and you’ll find that Gen Z will be an asset in your journey towards success.


Authored by Soumi Bhattacharya

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