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Head of Engineering

The software development industry is a highly dynamic and rapidly evolving market. Trends emerge and disappear in the bat of an eye. Companies are not only competing against each other but also against the constant pressure of time and consumer demands. In this age of digitalization, having a competent and robust engineering team is critical for an organization’s success. The engineering team plays a key role in the development of software products and services that meet the needs of the market and deliver value to the end customers. This is where hiring a Head of Engineering can help businesses stay ahead of the curve and meet the evolving needs of their customers, leading to greater success and growth in the long term.

Who is the Head of Engineering?

As the leader of both the frontend and backend development teams, the Head of Engineering is responsible for driving the vision, design, strategy, and implementation of integrated web systems that support the business. This involves leading the development teams and collaborating with other departments such as sales, marketing, and finance to introduce new web systems and continuously improve existing ones.

Traits of a Head of Engineering

The primary focus of a Head of Engineering leader is to ensure success for both the team and the organization's operations. They must develop technology plans that are appropriate for their team and the resources available to them, and they must implement the technology direction set forth by leadership. The most important aspect of their role is people management and championing their success.

The Head of Engineering must mentor and motivate their engineers, identify and escalate any issues, ensure that deliverables align with the vision of the CEO/CTO, and manage deadlines effectively. They must be able to estimate workloads, manage the development process, and get the most out of their team. They also have a strong vision for the department and promote the best organizational patterns and practices, while simultaneously balancing quality software with speed.

Roles and Responsibilities

Head engineers have a wide range of responsibilities beyond just leading engineering departments and coordinating projects. 


Developing and executing strategies, managing tasks, overseeing budgets and finances, building and maintaining relationships, and focusing on upskilling.


The Head of Engineering is responsible for feature deployment, ensuring the stability of the business’s core platform, and maintaining the overall quality of the business’s web architecture. They are also tasked with addressing high-level challenges and making strategic decisions that drive the success of the department and the organization as a whole. 


One of the key responsibilities of a Head of Engineering is to manage multiple projects concurrently. 


To ensure that the web systems are up to date with the latest technologies, the HoE  must keep abreast of emerging trends and identify the appropriate schemes for software development.


The HoE may also be involved in discussions around product strategy, research, or other organizational activities. Ultimately, this role requires a balance between technical expertise and strong leadership skills to drive success for both the team and the organization. 


The exact role and responsibilities of an HoE heavily depend on the organization, its hierarchy, and its needs.

Purple Quarter Closures

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With rising global competition, many industries are undergoing a significant digital transformation to have the edge over their competitors. Companies that adopt digitalization bring new capabilities to the market more quickly, innovate easily, and scale more efficiently. Information Technology/SaaS, EdTech, Healthtech, FinTech, ClimateTech, RetailTech, Blockchain, etc. are the developing and up-and-coming industries where hiring a Head of Engineering plays a crucial role in laying the groundwork for transformation. An executive search firm such as Purple Quarter can help accelerate the company’s growth.

As a Global Bespoke CTO Search Firm, Purple Quarter has helped numerous tech-driven companies and continues to bridge the gap for tech companies with the right tech leaders and tech visionaries. Some of the notable closures for Head of Engineering mandates have been Plobal Apps and Zolve among others. 

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