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Identify the Right Tech Leader with Behavioural Metrics Model

By September 18, 2022December 13th, 2023No Comments
evaluate the quality of a tech leader with BMM

Behavioural psychology paves the way!

Behavioural psychology and cognitive studies show that a leader’s personality determines what they excel in with additional skill sets that they adopt along the way. As the level of management rises, finding the right personality fit becomes extremely crucial. Purple Quarter has curated a scientifically proven model – BMM or the Behavioural Metrics Model to crack this. 

What is BMM – Behavioural Metrics Model?

The Behavioural Metrics Model (BMM) is a scientifically-devised phase-modulated approach that is unique to Purple Quarter. It helps in assessing the candidates’ right fitment for the role. BMM works on 83+ parameters that best define a candidate’s personality, skill set, attributes and adaptability. 

Its two-phased approach comprehensively assesses the technology leaders based on two areas. One – the objective queries pertaining to their work nature & personal aspirations, and two – core competencies required to best perform the work/role. 

Behavioural Metrics Model

Core competencies of BMM (a broad perspective)

The Behavioural Metrics Model – BMM has helped many potential tech leaders find the right organisation of their calling and vice-versa. Broadly, there are six core competencies that the BMM framework is based on: 

  • Intellectual Potential 
  • People Potential 
  • Change Potential
  • Motivational Potential
  • Technology Agility
  • Personal Attributes

Candidate profiling:

As a technologist, a tech leader dons one of the three profiles or sometimes, a combination of all. Being a leader comes with immense roles and responsibilities. If there was a way to figure out which technology leaders best suits what kind of a role, it would make everything so much simpler. At Purple Quarter we profile our candidates in three broad categories after a thorough understanding of their leadership styles, personality traits, personal interests & likings, approach toward business management, decision making and so on. For tech leaders, it has become important to possess a thorough understanding, if not the expertise of engineering, technology and product. With most companies and businesses adopting a “tech-first” approach, it is imperative for the management to have detailed knowledge, understanding and hands-on experience in the field.

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The Creator

A creator is a tech leader who builds a business from the ground up. Someone who has an idea, zeal and an urge to create something new and something extraordinary. They would address untamed tech challenges with relevant business solutions. A tech leader as a creator has often a steady task ahead and opportunities to achieve numerous milestones along the way. A creator is one who takes the first step and strives to achieve the 1st phase of the business goals. 

In the world of technology, a creator is one who takes the entire team/ organization towards a new goal, or a new objective. When technology changes so rapidly, staying abreast of the changes is essential. An innovative tech leader is what a company seeks here. This undoubtedly makes the creator a well-experienced and knowledge-oriented individual. Someone who brings their prior experience in creating the next big thing. 

When does a company need a Creator?

Most often in the nascent stage of existence. This is when companies/ organizations need to onboard a leader who is a pioneer in the truest sense. It is at this stage that the company will be able to either harp on a blue ocean strategy or launch something novel that will likely create ripples and new avenues. With the help of BMM, Purple Quarter had identified creators for brands such as Zolve, StanPlus and Klub among others. 

The Nurturer

When a business has made strides in the market, enjoys a good position among the consumers and is a preferred choice, then comes a nurturer. A leader as a nurturer is responsible for scaling, building and growing the present platform by plumbing the existing architecture with newer additions and innovations. A nurturer introduces new features and the latest technology to the existing business. Here, a tech leader is required to have seen scalability for products. It is also important to be a people person to improve the talent pool, nurture future talent, and aid the business’ growth. BMM helped find a nurturer leader for the likes of Gameskraft, Progcap and Lendingkart among others. 

When does a company need a Nurturer? 

When a company has achieved significant scalability of its business service or product. It becomes essential for companies to have in place a leader that nurtures growth. A nurturer tech leader will take the business to the next level by supporting and optimizing the existing service/ product/ technology or at times adding to the existing value proposition. A nurturer, however, looks at two aspects of a business, i.e, technology and people. As a nurturer, he/she looks after the people and team and moulds them to engineer the businesses of tomorrow. 

The Transformer

A transformer is a leader who believes in re-creating the tech that will have a long-term impact on the business goals and objectives. A transformer more often is responsible for relooking at things from a different perspective to bring changes to the existing machinery. The leader’s primary goal is to scale the current business to take and achieve the next giant leap. Often, companies at this stage seek to re-create their existing model, penetrate new markets or introduce new products. As a tech visionary, finding the right technology fit with the business’ goal is essential from time to time. We found the transformer leaders for brands such as Upstox, Acko and Swiggy among others. 

When does a company need a Transformer?

Any enterprise or business will reach a stage of a plateau, a point of stagnation where proven measures fail to give returns and necessary transformation becomes the need of the hour. This transformation can be brought by a visionary leader who looks at reinventing the service/ product by many folds if not an overall 360 degrees. As a transformer leader will be a visionary who will reshape the organization’s future trajectory. The company’s technology landscape will be altered to best suit worldly changes. 

While assessing the tech leaders’ personalities to best suit the company’s goals, BMM helps to understand that a tech leader will often play the role of a creator, nurturer and transformer from time to time. To achieve business objectives and scalability, many times a leader’s role overlaps that of a creator, nurturer and transformer. We’ve identified tech leaders who overlap as creator and a nurturer like we did for Pine Labs’s acquired, fintech Setu

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How does BMM help companies?

The Behavioural Metrics Model assesses tech leaders’ personalities to best suit companies who seek to grow from 0 to 10X, 10X to 100X and more. A tech leader fits into this equation based on his/her capability of taking the business to its desired next milestone. For a company that is at its nascent stage, a creator would be the ideal fit. Whereas, a nurturer would bring a company at par with the recent technologies of the market. When it comes to jumping the high tide, a transformer is no less than the captain of the ship. Different personalities and different mindsets, all work towards the same goal – creating a tech-first company to best serve the end consumers. And what is better than applying BMM to bridge the gap between technology leaders and tech companies?  


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