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Ex-Amazon Technologist Krishna BS Ascends to Head of Engineering Role at an Expert-Led Wealth Management Platform Dezerv

By October 30, 2023December 5th, 2023No Comments


Dezerv is an expert-led wealth management platform that provides curated portfolios and allows users to begin investing with as little as Rs. 50,000. Founded in 2021 by Sahil Contractor, Sandeep Jethwani & Vaibhav Porwal, the company leverages industry expertise and advanced technology to deliver comprehensive investment solutions that are actively managed by their team of experts. In the last two years, Dezerv has analyzed over INR 6500 crores of assets and managed over INR 2500 crores of investments for their clients.

The company’s aim is to open up access to new asset classes that are currently solely available to HNIs and also allow investors to develop smart portfolios with a balanced mix of traditional and new-age assets. They operate with a vision to provide financial freedom for India’s future.

Dezerv Investments Pvt. Ltd. the holding Company, provides Portfolio Management Services (PMS) and is also the Investment Manager for the Category 1- Angel Fund. The PMS has 3 strategies – equity, fixed income, and dynamic. The flexibility to choose a strategy is provided to the customer; however, management is done by the team under each strategy. Here, dedicated experts are allocated by the company to manage customers’ money. 


Problem Statement

Dezerv aims to be a company to manage their customer’s portfolios instead of being an online investing platform. To be able to work towards this goal, the leadership team at Dezerv was looking for a Head of Engineering who could assist the tech architecture to fully transition to microservices and deal with complex products like PMS, AIF, etc.

They wanted a leader that has worked in early-stage teams, is hands on to identify bad code in reviews and focuses on operational excellence. Focus on security was a significant factor to protect confidentiality as well as prevent hacking. Moreover, the backend architecture needed to be such that a single stack could help scale up all the businesses.


Solution and Execution 

Dezerv being an early stage company, needed a technology leader who was a mix of both, Creator and Nurturer fitment. Utilizing the Behavioural Metrics Model – BMM, Purple Quarter’s IP, Krisha BS was chosen as the candidate right suited for the position.

With over 17 years of experience in technology and leadership roles, Krishna specialized in Identity Verification and KYC products within sectors such as E-commerce, Fintech, and Cryptocurrency. He has also spearheaded new Initiatives in non-crypto products at Coinswitch. Krishna has a track record of developing several products during his tenure at Amazon, notably the Global Identity Verification Platform. He possesses a strong enthusiasm for tackling intricate challenges and constructing united, high-performing technology teams.


Looking Forward 

Joining the team at Dezerv as the Head of Engineering, Krishna BS is determined to create a world-class team that will build India’s leading wealth management technology stack from the ground up. He is aligned with Dezerv’s goal to enable technology-led innovation in every aspect of managing wealth both for the customers and for internal functions.

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