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What Will World Be Looking Up To India And Technology In The Year 2020?

The Pew Research Center did a global survey about the perception of India called, The Public Opinion of India …

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Tech Talent Hiring
Attracting Top Tech Talent: Are Indian Technology Startups Spinning An Interesting Story?

India underwent a massive tech talent exodus in the late 90s and early 2000s when the country’s economic …

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leadership advisory India
When Did Tech Leadership Roles Become Important?

Technology has been progressing at an accelerating rate. It has barely been a century since we were …

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Purple Quarter Tech Head
Tech-Head Search Firm Purple Quarter assists joining of Hike Messenger’s new Head of Engineering

Purple Quarter was mandated by Hike Messenger to fulfill this position Prior to this…

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leadership consultancy firms Singapore
Leadership hiring in the era of the gig economy

Today leadership executives are wearing multiple hats serving different roles across companies as…

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leadership consultancy firms UAE
Leadership Disrupted: Headhunting Vs Traditional Recruitment

The era of traditional resumes and recruitment methods are dead. LinkedIn killed it. Your best hi…

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leadership consultancy firms USA
How Generalists Are Gaining Importance Over Specialists In Tech-Leadership Roles

Today’s tech leaders, must therefore have a combination of having a business acumen with people m…

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