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Suki.AI’s India Site Leader search spearheaded by Purple Quarter; Successful closure with Ex-AppDynamics Director Nitin Gupta

By February 25, 2021June 14th, 2023No Comments
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Tech Leadership Hiring In The Healthcare Sector At An All Time High, As Redwood City, California-headquartered Suki.AI Steps Foot In India

BANGALORE, IndiaFeb. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Few sectors have seen growth post-pandemic on a scale at which the healthcare sector has seen. Most companies in the healthcare sector are ramping up their technology and hiring top technologists to cater to the increasing demand. Conversely, there is an emerging interest in technologists to join the healthcare sector.

An increasing number of US and European companies are looking to set up tech centers or R&D centers in India owing to the economical infrastructure and abundant tech talent. Suki.AI, a US-based Series B startup is also capitalizing on this trend, setting up an office in Bangalore.

Suki is an AI-powered, voice-enabled digital assistant for doctors. They sought the help of Bangalore-based Tech-Head search firm Purple Quarter, to find Nitin Gupta as their Site Leader. Nitin was previously a Director of Engineering at AppDynamics; prior to that, he has worked at reputed companies like InMobi and Microsoft.

In a recent blog postPunit Soni, the Founder & CEO of Suki.AI, talks about setting up an office in India and hiring Nitin as the Site Leader:

“I’m really excited to share that we’ll be opening an office in Bangalore, India. No major technology company in today’s era can achieve greatness without an India story. And we are glad to kick this off with a major investment in a world-class engineering and customer success center that will complement our US team. To lead the office, I’m very thrilled to welcome Nitin Gupta to Suki. Nitin is a seasoned engineering leader with 20 years of experience building software solutions across a variety of industries.”

Nitin Gupta is equally excited about joining the company:

“I am super excited about joining Suki as Site lead for their India office. Healthcare tech is a very interesting space and am really looking forward to Suki creating a major disruption through awesome product experiences.”

He goes on to thank Purple Quarter for facilitating the search process:

“Also, I want to give my special thanks to Purple Quarter for making my connection with Suki. Folks at Purple Quarter were truly professional, always available, and really helped me navigate the process. I would highly recommend Purple Quarter for all Tech Leadership hiring.”

Purple Quarter is no stranger to the healthtech space, as they worked with Pharmeasy to find their Chief Product and Technology Officer (CPTO). Additionally, they have closed mandates in currently trending spaces like EdTech, finding the Head of Engineering for Vedantu.

About Purple Quarter:

Purple Quarter is a Bangalore based tech-head search firm based that has propelled to being industry leaders in less than 3 years of their existence. Their unidimensional approach of sticking to just tech executive search has given them an insight into the tech leadership domain few others can boast of. They have been instrumental in the search of several leaders of tech-first companies like Swiggy, Walmart Labs, Acko, Hike, Proptiger, Pharmeasy, and more.