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Upstox, Acko, Urban Company, Licious & more; Critical Tech Leadership Searches Mark Purple Quarter’s Eventful Headhunt in 2021

By December 21, 2021June 28th, 2023No Comments
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BANGALORE, IndiaDec. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Businesses in 2021 were dealing with the aftermath of Coronavirus, which required cutting-edge technologies to scale, disrupt and establish a foothold in the new normal, leading to an increased demand for technologists. Keeping up with this pulse, Purple Quarter successfully closed 27 stellar Tech Head positions.

There has been a flood of unicorns in Indian startups this year, and as of the first week of December, 42 Indian companies reached a valuation of $1 billion and more. Purple Quarter played a crucial role in finding several tech leaders for unicorns like Acko, Upstox, Licious, Urban Company, and Zeta. In addition to working with unicorns, Purple Quarter forged valuable partnerships with RBIH, Rupeek, Shadowfax, Suki, Hopscotch, Stanza Living, Avataar.Me, Hubilo, and many more this year.

The bespoke CTO search firm impressively closed eight CTO/CPTO positions in 2021. Purple Quarter partnered with Upstox, one of the leading online investment platforms in the country, to find its CTO. Upstox sought a seasoned techie with experience working across global teams and the firm successfully orchestrated veteran Thippesha Dyamappa’s move to the startup. Thippesha, erstwhile, was based at Amazon’s Chicago office for more than a decade.

India’s first D2C unicorn, Licious, trusted Purple Quarter to find their CPTO, Himanshu Verma. Taking on the role in July, the ex-Amazon engineer was a great match for Licious’ Product and Engineering teams. Likewise, companies like Maatrum, Progcap, Stanza Living, Setu, Reserve Bank Innovation Hub (RBIH) and Pratilipi found their Chief Technology / Chief Product & Technology officers with the help of Purple Quarter. The tech-head search firm’s unique and proven end-to-end search process enabled these innovative companies to locate the right leaders to lead their respective technology teams.

Beyond CTO, Purple Quarter helped Urban Company, Shadowfax,, Dhani Stocks, and Zeta close their VP of Engineering roles. The firm found a suitable SVP of Engineering for Acko and Hubilo. The Head of Engineering positions for Helpshift, Baazi Games and Zolve, a Bangalore-based fintech company, were closed in the first two quarters. Purple Quarter supported the growing tech teams at Suki, Licious and Rupeek by closing crucial positions of Senior Director of Engineering, Directors of Engineering and the Chief Architect.

Continued partnerships with valuable companies solidified Purple Quarter’s position as the trusted search partner. Urban Company, Hopscotch, Licious, engaged with Purple Quarter for numerous tech leadership mandates this year. The specialised search firm closed three tech heads for Licious; two VP of Engineering for Urban Company, and Mumbai-headquartered e-commerce player, Hopscotch, onboarded two tech leaders including the Senior Director of Engineering. Newly minted insurtech unicorn, Acko, post onboarding its CTPO last year, further expanded its engineering team with the appointment of Amol Wanjari as the SVP of Engineering role in 2021; courtesy Purple Quarter.

As a tech headhunting specialist, Purple Quarter has extensive experience in locating tech leaders across industries by analysing business models closely. This year too, the firm worked with a diverse clientele across verticals shaping the Indian startup ecosystem, from FinTech, SaaS, Real Estate, FoodTech, Logistics and Supply Chain, Home Services, InsurTech, HealthTech, Gaming, eCommerce to HRTech. Purple Quarter’s team of seasoned tech-head search experts has timely identified leaders across industry segments and ensured a smooth transition for these high-value roles through an end-to-end streamlined process.

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