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Vikalp Sahni, Founder CEO, shares on Digital Health Records, Insurance & More

By October 27, 2022March 21st, 2023No Comments
Vikalp Sahni

At The Tech Factor by Roopa Kumar. The podcast was an interesting conversation between Vikalp Sahni, Founder CEO, and Roopa Kumar, Founder & CEO, Purple Quarter. During the conversation, Vikalp touches on how digital records are more than just scanning & scanning documents. He also talks about how eka can aid in making the health insurance process simpler.

Digital records are more than just storing information online

A personal health record app cannot just be a drop box or a Google Drive equivalent where you are just taking a picture or keeping a record or keeping a PDF and storing it there. The personal health record app should understand your vitals, should understand that how your haemoglobin is moving over a period of time and that is what we basically have built at eka.

So when you scan a record, there is a technology that runs and there is a data science team behind it that OCRs that entire record. Be it a scan or a PDF document, the app understands the nuances of all your vitals. It makes sure that the record you received from Doctor Lal or the record that you get from Metropolis, all of that is standardized and then your health journey is created because that is where the technology can add value to a doctor’s life or to the patient’s life. It cannot be just a mere scan of your document, it has to be far deeper.

Then the nuances on top of it, for instance, if you are Vitamin B deficient can I (eka) basically help you in creating a journey along with the doctors where you are eating right, getting yourself tested again and again so that you get better over a period of time. So that is a nuance that Technology has to solve from a health record perspective, it’s just not the storage of the scan and the photo. It won’t cut the chase from the impact perspective. 

Eka is an informative healthcare app

Eka is an information company we are not a prescription company. We are not doctors and AI cannot replace doctors and their subjective understanding. We at eka, want to aid in this journey, we want to tell you that your heart rate at resting is constantly up as per the WHO standards or as per the regular standard and it has to be lower. Now how you react to it is something that you have to take a call on. It is you who has to go ahead and speak with your doctor or your physician and so on. See what we also felt is that – in health, it is very easy to be imposing and to instil fear. There is a very nice saying that when you are healthy you think of ten things but when you are sick you think of only one thing. 

It is very easy that when you are sick I can go ahead and manipulate you so that you end up paying and you basically end up being manipulated. At Eka, we tell people that we want to be authentic and not imposing. Never ever will we say that ok you should go ahead and get yourself tested for this. We will give you authentic information, now it’s your and your doctor’s prerogative. In today’s time, lack of information is where people won’t get the right outcome so that’s a subtle difference between what we want to do at eka versus what is happening in the ecosystem. 

Definitely, eka will look to collaborate with insurance companies in the future. As you rightly said, getting life insurance is such a painful activity. Today in this world where I can buy auto insurance in 2 days flat with a single click and all, Health Insurance or Life Insurance is very difficult. A solution like ours can definitely help aid that for sure. 

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