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A perfect culture & organization fit – Saumitra Kumar for GOAT Brand Labs

By April 5, 2023December 5th, 2023No Comments
Saumitra Kumar Case Study


G.O.A.T Brand Labs is a tech-driven aggregator of D2C brands. Founded in 2021 by Rishi Vasudev and Rameswar Misra, the company is currently in the Series A1 stage. Headquartered in Bangalore, the company acquires and scales differentiated and exciting digitally-native brands in the lifestyle space (fashion, home, nutrition, beauty and personal care), helping them reach the next level of growth. 

Greatest Of All Times (G.O.A.T) essentially acquires a 51–70% stake in the brand and then allows the founders to run their firms. This enables the brands to have access to the best resources to scale rapidly and become the G.O.A.T. With a team of experts and the use of technology, G.O.A.T helps optimize costs (scale), fulfilment costs, delivery times, customer acquisition costs, sourcing, and stock planning, thus bringing in operational efficiency. 

Problem Statement 

In its rather nascent stage, G.O.A.T is expanding its teams while onboarding the best leaders from the industry. To become a tech-centric organization, it was imperative for G.O.A.T to onboard a seasoned techie for the role of Vice President/ Head of Engineering. The leader would be responsible for designing, creating, and implementing a tech team with a vision for the future. 

Solution and Execution

After multiple rounds of role discussions, both G.O.A.T and Purple Quarter came together, and a comprehensive strategy was created to best map and locate the right tech leader for the company. The leadership team at G.O.A.T – Rishi & Ram are versatile leaders who believe in quality and technology. 

Currently, G.O.A.T follows a lean team structure and has 40-50 members. The 2 years young organization presently has 3-4 tech members on their payroll and with the tech leader onboard, this team size is expected to grow exponentially. Based on the mandate, of the profiles shared, Saumitra Kumar made the cut. He was the perfect tech and culture fit the founders were looking for. Saumitra is a hardcore techie, codes, has been an entrepreneur with a stealth mode startup, understands business, is a techie with a product mindset, and has a proven track record. 

With our IP – Behavioural Metrics Model (BMM) we were able to narrow down Suamitra as the right fit for the job. As a leader responsible for driving the tech and business aspects of the organization, Saumitra is a perfect combination of creator and nurturer. Under his guidance, action plans, and leadership, the organization will evolve to become a tech-centric, customer-experience-oriented company. 

Saumitra is a soft-spoken person who fits easily into the culture of the organization. His interaction with the co-founders, connecting with their vision, among others, was a driving force for offer acceptance. He relocated from Lucknow to Bangalore to take over the role and responsibilities. 

Looking Forward 

Saumitra Kumar has joined the team as the Head of Engineering, Product, and Data to take this forward in heading the entire tech vertical. Saumitra’s contribution in scaling the business, along with a strong technically-enabled team, will drive the company to achieve its tech-business roadmaps for tomorrow.


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