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Seasoned Techie and Domain Expert for Xpressbees; Nag Thota Appointed CPTO

By July 8, 2024No Comments


Established as an in-house logistics arm for FirstCry, the largest online store for kids and baby products in Asia, Xpressbees has rapidly evolved into an e-commerce logistics giant. From its modest beginnings of handling 50,000 shipments daily in 2015, the company has surged ahead to manage over 3 million shipments each day, leveraging a network comprising 135+ hubs and 3000+ offices and service centers.

Problem Statement 

Xpressbees faced multiple hurdles on its scaling journey, including prolonged lead times for system changes, a lack of intelligent systems capable of prohibiting errors rather than just issuing warnings, and disjointed systems affecting communication among frontline staff.

With a vision to be the country’s most preferred logistics provider, Xpressbees sought a CTO capable of providing sound technical leadership across all facets of its operations. The visionary leader would steer the company’s technological roadmap across diverse domains such as geo-intelligence, geo-fencing, AI & ML, drones, and IoT, including sorters and truck tracking systems.

In addition to leading a team of over 300 professionals, the desired technocrat should demonstrate strategic thinking, possess keen business acumen, and excel in communicating with employees, stakeholders, and customers. 

Moreover, the client emphasized that the chosen tech leader should have a background in logistics and supply chain management to grasp the intricacies of the industry, with a preference for someone familiar with India’s complex supply chain networks.

Solution & Execution

Recognizing the expectations and significance of the role, we advised the client to pursue a Chief Product and Technology Officer (CPTO), instead of a CTO, who could offer dynamic expertise. We also provided guidance on compensation benchmarking and facilitated negotiations for the role.

With a meticulous approach aimed at finding a tech leader with a robust industry background and extensive experience within the Indian logistics landscape, we identified Nag Thota as the perfect candidate for the position. As the former CTO of Delhivery, Nag has over 25 years of industry experience and possesses a wealth of knowledge in the logistics domain.

Utilizing our proprietary Behavioral Metrics Model (BMM), we identified Nag Thota’s leadership style as that of a Reconstructor, capable of transforming the company’s trajectory and facilitating a 100x growth journey

Looking Forward

Xpressbees’ scaling vision and their plan to initiate international operations encouraged Nag to take on the role. His expertise will be instrumental in scaling the company’s footprints with tech-driven operations.

By leveraging Nag’s leadership skills and industry experience, Xpressbees is primed to cement its position as a frontrunner in the e-commerce logistics landscape, setting new benchmarks for innovation and efficiency.

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