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UiPath Appoints Ex-Microsoft Techie as VP of Engineering & Site Head

By November 7, 2023No Comments
Case Study on Uipath


UiPath, an undisputed leader in the enterprise automation space, has a strong and sticky customer base. In 2019, they launched an end-to-end RPA platform that tech analyst firms named a Leader in RPA and led the RPA market. Today, they are pushing their boundaries beyond RPA with the UiPath Business Automation Platform. Their mission is to build an AI-powered automation platform that combines leading robotic process automation (RPA) with a full suite of capabilities to understand, automate, and operate end-to-end processes, offering unprecedented time to value. 

Currently with 40+ offices globally, over the next few years, they expect to build and deliver several high-scale enterprise software products with a large global team of automation and AI experts. They have ambitions to patent 783 assets from inventors in 18 locations, increase cloud releases to 2X times per month; major platform releases to 2X per year and 4 tuck-in acquisitions.

Problem Statement

With two development centers in Bangalore and Hyderabad, India is a prime market for the future growth of UiPath. To elevate the overall capabilities of the centres, UiPath sought a VP of Engineering & Site Head. The client wanted to diversify the leadership team by onboarding a regionally based leader who could resonate with the local market and deliver optimum products. 

The VP of Engineering will be responsible for leading the architecture design and development of the in-house products, growing teams through effective hiring and mentoring, and providing organization-wide technology advisory. Additionally, as a part of the India leadership team, the leader is expected to demonstrate both a strategic and hands-on approach and work closely with the regional sales leaders. 

Solution and Execution

Purple Quarter’s extensive search, backed by the Behavioural Metrics Model (BMM), identified Gautam Goenka – an ex-Microsoft and Darwinbox techie, as a suitable prospect for the position. With 25+ years of experience, Gautam is an accomplished leader with expertise in architecture, design, engineering, & scalability, along with demonstrated capability to conceptualize & deliver. 

Reflecting a combination of Nurturer and Reconstructor leadership personalities, Gautam will contribute to scaling the present platform with newer innovations and producing a long-term impact on the business goals by redefining the tech roadmap. 

Looking Forward

The vision, culture, flexibility, and positive energy of the UiPath leaders encouraged Gautam to join the team. And his passion for technology, immense experience, and visionary approach perfectly align with the client’s requirements. As the VP of Engineering and India Site Head, he currently leads UiPath’s efforts in developing and optimizing their app platform, AI center, test suite, and action center. 

For more information, please reach out to the Marketing Team.