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India’s Pioneering Rural Household Platform Onboards CTPO for Scale Up

By March 5, 2024No Comments


SarvaGram has earned recognition as India’s premier platform dedicated to rural households, addressing the rising aspirations of rural communities through a range of financial and productivity-enhancing services. The platform sees rural households not just as beneficiaries but as a collective economic entity with robust and diversified community dynamics. Emphasizing a consumer-centric approach, SarvaGram employs data-driven intelligence to assess a household’s full potential, considering factors such as ground reality, balance sheets, and various income streams.

As of October 2023, SarvaGram demonstrated remarkable growth and impact, extending its reach to over 16,100 villages through 125 branches and 520+ franchisees in just four years. With backing from notable domestic and global investors such as Elevar Equity, Elevation, Temasek, and TVS Capital Funds, SarvaGram continues to make strides in empowering rural communities.

Problem Statement

SarvaGram aims to narrow the rural finance gap by leveraging its in-depth understanding of rural households. To effectively scale their operations, SarvaGram actively sought a tech leader who could play a pivotal role.

They wanted someone who could contribute to standardizing processes, implement a tech-first approach, and bring expertise in product knowledge, technology, data science, and fintech, with the additional advantage of banking sector experience. The desired leader would possess experience in a B2C setup, and have a successful track record of building products for marketplaces. The client also expressed a preference for the leader to be based out of Pune, India, who would have a deep understanding of the market & rural households.


Using our proprietary Behavioral Metrics Model (BMM), Mukul was identified as the ideal candidate for the position. His leadership personality is reflected in the Nurturer type, – responsible for scaling, building, and growing the present platform by plumbing the existing architecture with newer additions and innovations.

With an extensive career spanning close to 15 years, Mukul brings a wealth of expertise and strategic insight to SarvaGram’s technology endeavors. His remarkable contributions to prestigious organizations such as Billdesk, Boltic, Shopsense Fynd, and Tech Mahindra have equipped him with a deep-rooted understanding of the technological landscape across diverse industries. Mukul’s substantial experience, coupled with a forward-thinking mindset, positions him perfectly to lead and drive SarvaGram’s tech initiatives to success.

Looking Forward

Mukul found inspiration in the company’s dedication to giving him firsthand experience through field visits, enhancing his understanding of the work culture and prompting him to join SarvaGram. Mukul is in sync with the company’s vision to expand its business into more Indian geographies and grow the team at junior levels.

For more information, please reach out to the Marketing Team.