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Indonesia’s VIDA Needed a Nurturer Leader to Grow: Goldee Udani Onboarded 

By July 25, 2023November 7th, 2023No Comments


VIDA (Verified Identity for All) is an Indonesia-based full-service verified digital identity platform for organizations and people, including identity verification, digital signatures, and strong authentication solutions. On a daily basis, VIDA checks and authenticates hundreds of thousands of web and mobile transactions in real-time to assist the business ecosystem in ensuring compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) legislation. 

VIDA’s customer base includes digital native technology enterprises across financial services, e-commerce, transportation, telecommunications, and healthcare. The B2B2C company operates as a Certificate Authority (CA), licensed, accredited, and registered by the Indonesian Ministry of ICT (Kominfo) to provide legally binding digital IDs and digital signatures to individuals and organizations. VIDA uses its expertise in information security to help these businesses decrease fraud, build confidence in online transactions, and ultimately offer a safe and secure digital environment in which to conduct business.

Problem Statement 

To create an impact and a “One VIDA” mentality, the company was looking for a VP of engineering who could create a culture of engineering excellence and understand the human element of what the company is building. Present in both on and off premises, they wanted a leader who could understand and work towards the roadmap. The engineering team’s growth challenges required improved feedback mechanisms and continuing education plans. VIDA’s tech team needed a practical plan for utilizing resource bandwidth, guidance, and training on how to act as enablers and collaborate with XFN departments to set and achieve realistic goals.

Post their 0-1x journey, VIDA is ambitious about growing their ARR by 10x in the coming years. It was important for the team’s perspective to shift from services/solutions for early consumers, into a product-oriented mindset. The technical team needed to partner together for roadmap definition and product delivery and begin anticipating required changes or planning for the future. With VIDA’s presence in Indonesia, Singapore, and India, they wanted a leader in the India team who could work in a cohesive manner and increase tech efficiency manifold.

Solution and Execution 

The team at VIDA was definitive that they wanted a leader who possessed exceptional technical skills, SaaS experience, and the ability to build trust within the team and with stakeholders. The ideal candidate should have strong people management and effective collaboration skills. Moreover, they wanted someone who could inculcate a culture of ownership and contribution to the product development and roadmap.

Following a thorough discussion of the mission of company and profiling the ideal Tech enthusiast fit, Purple Quarter carefully presented an organized list to VIDA’s leadership team. VIDA limited the leadership search down to Goldee Udani post a meticulous selection and profiling process. Goldee was identified as the nurturer type utilizing the Behavioural Metrics Model (BMM), an IP of Purple Quarter. 

Goldee is an experienced technology leader with over two decades of experience building and managing multiple high-performing teams. He has a diverse background in eCommerce, Search, Payments, SaaS, PaaS, IoT, and Fintech. In addition, as a former entrepreneur, Goldee brings with him product-market fit and 10-100x scalability experience. Goldee’s prior associations include MakeMyTrip, Qbera, Myntra, Oracle, and Amazon.

What inspired Goldee to join VIDA’s technology team was the company’s strong problem statement and the impact they were making in society. Goldee’s entrepreneurial knowledge, Southeast Asian market knowledge, and an array of skills, including Cloud & Big Data technology, Data Science & Analytics, design & business acumen, digital marketing & sales, make him the perfect fit for the company. 

Looking Forward  

With Goldee on board as the VP of Engineering, the next significant undertaking for the tech team will be geo-expansions by rebuilding the architecture to make it ready for numerous markets, including geo-specific regulatory compliance and data governance. We look forward to Goldee carrying the mantle as VIDA and its offerings grow. Goldee’s extensive experience, unique skillset, and diverse background will be critical in propelling the company’s growth forward.

For more information, please reach out to the Marketing Team.