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Bespoke Executive Search Firm On A Mission To Create Tech-Leadership Synergy

Leaders In Tech Trust Us To Partner In Their Leadership Search

Rightsizing tech leadership search for companies is walking on thin ice. The weight of an executive’s decision impacts the performance and reputation of both – themselves and the organization they join. It’s crucial to get the mathematics of hiring right for mutually fruitful and long-term relationships between the leader and the company.

Leading tech startups and MNCs across the globe trust Purple Quarter to equate this right.

Who We Are

A “No Frills” Description Of Our Identity

We do leadership consulting and hiring to ease Tech Executive Search – we are a Bespoke CTO Search firm committed to building sustainable leadership teams across technology and product companies. We have set out on this journey with a proven and methodical approach, creating a story of synergy in every leadership search, ensuring a lasting relationship between a Tech head and the organization.

Bespoke CTO Search is a Journey of Synergy

It’s about identifying, matching, mapping and locating the most-suitable tech leader to captain the technology roadmap of technology driven businesses. At Purple Quarter, we’re the compass to this synergy, guiding the global technology leadership hiring landscape.

Our Vision

Empowering the global tech ecosystem in accelerating their growth journey

People Ask ‘Why Tech Leadership?’ And Our Answer ‘Why Not?’

Technology is at the heart of the digital era – more so in the post-pandemic world. Today, technology leaders are tasked with marrying an organization’s vision to what its technical vision should be, aligned with digital business strategies, innovation management, and technology infrastructure modernization as significant waypoints.

It’s a given that enterprise growth journeys depend on the growth of their tech leaders. Our vision is to accelerate these journeys through bespoke leadership hiring.

Leaders Speak Of The Good Work We Do

What’s Different Here?

A Silver Lining In Leadership Search

Scripting synergy stories and successful hiring doesn’t happen on instincts. Where others might only see challenges, our Behavioral Metrics Model (BMM) with analytically proven 83+ parameters bring out the silver lining in the Tech Leadership search.
Leadership Recruitment Process


Assembling A Formidable Team That Supports These End To End Processes

Values We Have Inculcated In Our Footsteps


Fuels our inner spirit to walk the extra mile and create meaningful engagements.


When we embark on something, we see it through to the end.


Good work starts with listening. Great work happens when we step into the shoes of others.


We planned yesterday for what we might face tomorrow.


Together – we move mountains, ideate out of the box, and challenge the seemingly impossible.

Together – A Win-Win Mindset

We converge it all to script win-wins – for ourselves and our clients.

Walk the Talk

Our actions match our words.

Our success is rooted in discipline and the right mindset.

Values We Have Inculcated In Our Footsteps

Our Culture

Celebrating One Community At Work

Fast Paced

We’re quick on our feet but not that superfast where we might miss the tiniest of details

Striving For Excellence

The mindset to achieve excellence becomes a practice once you join, and a habit over time


Being fast is only a glass half full. We top it up with the ability to be nimble to changes

Open Minded

We lend our ears and open minds to everyone – from senior leaders to new joiners

One Partner for Everyone’s Leadership Search