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Let’s Do The Math Of Synergizing Leadership Search and BMM

Our team has set out to eliminate the glaring gap in technology leadership search with an approach that considers both sides of the equation – the company and the prospect. We calculate this by comprehending all attributes of a person and BMM that of a company (including the stakeholders) and locate the right fit.

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It’s a unique equation of finding synergy between talent fitment and business needs.

A Walkthrough Of Our Approach

Understand > Evaluate > Engage > Support > Synergize It All

Preparing a Capsule Deck

We start with stakeholder interviews to draft a capsule deck detailing inputs on the business, technology, and the role. It’s the team’s bible to understand client requirements for the better fitment of a prospect. The capsule also communicates the company’s vision to the prospect for role clarity.

Profiling Talents To Pitch The Role

We commence a detailed search that involves the assessment of 83+ behavioral metrics (including technology agility, emotional quotient, leadership attributes, etc.) of every prospect. With thorough profiling, suitable prospects are presented with the deck for their know-how of the company’s objectives and ambitions.

Methodical Profile Sharing and Feedback

Data speaks comprehensively through reports to the stakeholders about the shortlisted candidates. We do not overload clients with information and the profiles are shared in batches, with the first batch shared in a week’s time of Capsule Deck preparation. Subsequently, feedback is gathered and new sets are shared in Batch 2 if necessary.

Closing The Search Mandate

Remuneration of the client preferred tech heads are benchmarked along with other factors for a seamless hiring journey. Our experts consult on the nitty gritty of the joining process, ensuring both parties are on the same page and bringing in the promised synergy.

Continued Association and Support

Our work doesn’t end post successful leadership placement. We are perpetually in touch with the client and the candidate to ensure continued synergy.

Pivot Of The Leadership Search Process

The Behavioural Metrics Model (BMM)

Modelled on a Scientific Foundation – Modulated by Experts

Executive search firms strongly focus on the technical skills, domain expertise, and cognitive skills of a prospect. Assessment of personality traits, interpersonal skills, and individual aspirations during the search process needs to be processed carefully.

The Behavioural Metrics Model takes a deep dive into these and more attributes to rightsize a candidate’s fitment. It’s a Purple Quarter exclusive two-phased identification process based on a scientific framework for a better understanding of a candidate’s persona, professional, and personal vision.

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top ranked executive search firms UAE | BMM

Breaking the BMM Framework for a Better Understanding

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Where BMM Differentiates Leadership Hiring

The Model Makes its Mark in Profiling

No two tech leaders are similar. While some might be attuned to the technology roadmap of an enterprise, others might focus on R&D and product innovation to realise this vision. However, their professional competency and domain expertise might not reflect their aspirations. It’s important to have a framework for a holistic and thorough assessment beyond professional credentials.

BMM helps the team to profile the prospect in one of three leadership personas, identifying the perfect candidate-organisation match. It is a scientifically proven behavioural competency framework to map the multitude of potential of a candidate.

A Look Into the Leader Personas


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For the passionate innovators of technology solutions

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People-centric leaders who nurture tomorrow’s talent

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Visionaries changing org stories in the tech landscape

What’s Unique In Our Approach?

Four Cornerstones Of Synergy

Clear And Continued Collaboration

We are always in touch with our clients and the active and passive candidate pool to comprehend changing expectations and other shifts, mapping them into the leadership hiring journey.

Methodical Approach To Map Candidates

Though our leadership search process is flexible, it remains methodical – proven across multiple hiring engagements with varied expectations and organizations’ DNA.

360 Degree Candidate Profiling

We assess not just the professional acumen and personal conduct of prospective candidates but also record their career aspirations for a comprehensive picture.

Veterans At Work

Our team brings a decade worth of cumulative expertise in leadership search into every engagement, attuned to the shifting dynamics for better results in the hiring journey.

Milestones We’ve Charted

Milestones We’ve Charted

Approach In Action – Leaders We’ve Mapped Globally

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Leaderships mapped -1393


Leaderships mapped – 5670

Middle East

Leaderships mapped – 1730 Bahrain | Cyprus | Egypt | Iran | Iraq | Israel | Jordan | Saudi Arabia | Turkey | UAE | Yemen


Leaderships mapped – 476


Leaderships mapped – 384 Indonesia | Malaysia | Thailand | Vietnam


Leaderships mapped – 356

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